Canada 150

Canada 150 logoCanada 150: Celebrate with Saanich

Throughout 2017, Saanich residents have the opportunity to mark the 150th anniversary of our country, along with our fellow Canadians.

Canada’s 150th anniversary provides an opportunity for us to reflect on our history, celebrate who we are today and plan for our future. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events:

For a complete list of celebrations, please visit our events calendar. 

Are you organizing a Canada 150 community event?

Share it with us so we can include on our events calendar!

To be listed as a Canada 150 event on the District of Saanich’s Events Calendar, your event must be:

  • Specifically designed to celebrate Canada 150
  • Local in scope and reach
  • Participation-oriented
  • Non-profit

 Please send your event information (date, time, location, event description) to

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Have questions or looking for more information? Please contact Councillor Vicki Sanders: