Leadership Programs

Community Youth Team (CoYoTe)

Want to make a difference? Join the Community Youth Team (COYOTE) and earn training credits. 

What will I do as a COYOTE member?

  • Program planning, delivery and evaluation
  • Youth activities
  • Learning opportunities
  • Community events

We meet Wednesday evenings bi-weekly. Join the pack any time! 

For more information, call Loryn Anderson at 250-475-7111.  

Saanich Youth Council

This is your chance to be an active part of civic life. If you're 13 – 25 years old, bring your opinions and ideas to this fun and interactive group! 

For information or to apply, call Alana Goddard at 250-475-7624

Summer Internship Program

Do you want some work experience but also need to earn money this summer? Are you between the ages of 16 and 18 years? Apply to be a summer intern in a mentored placement at a Saanich recreation centre or community park! Summer Internship Opportunities

Application deadline extension to May 25, 2018!

  • Apply to Alana Goddard by May 16, 2018
  • Come in for our fun & supportive group interviews on Wednesday May 30, 2018
  • All applicants will receive interviews; selection depends on placement availability
  • Interns participate in a 3 day training program focused on working in Summer Camps
  • Interns are placed in a month long internship in a recreation centre or community park
  • Upon program completion, Interns receive a $500 honorarium, a certificate and reference

For more information, call Alana Goddard at 250-475-7624

NEW! Exciting opportunity to be a Summer Intern with the Saanich Fire Department community engagement crew! We are seeking up to 2 enthusiastic youth, ages 16-18 years, to animate Sparky the Fire Dog mascot and create memorable moments for children throughout Saanich this summer! Successful Internship participants will receive a $250 honorarium!  Interested? Contact Alana.Goddard@saanich.ca or 250-475-7624.

NEW! Exciting opportunity to be a summer intern with the Saanich Police Department community engagement crew! We are seeking up to 2 enthusiastic youth, ages 16-18 years, to collaborate with police and the youth services team in Saanich Parks and Recreation, to create fun summer events for  LGBTQ2+ youth. Successful participants will receive a $250 honorarium. Interested? Contact Alana.Goddard@saanich.ca or 250-475-7624

Summer Teens in Action Programs

Testimony: "The training you have provided in the Teens in Action course is so excellent that teens who aren't necessarily natural leaders can see a path to success. The practical advice, the legalities of working with children, the insight into groups and personalities - these are all such valuable life skills that many teens need.  (My son) did an entire year of Leadership at school, and none of it even remotely came close to what the TIA course did. I am so impressed.”  Liberty, mother

NEW! Pre-Teens In Action, 11-12yrs

Do you like the idea of being a camp leader but you’re too young for a job? This is a fun, experiential program for pre-teens wanting to get their feet wet as a leader and have fun doing it!

10196           T-F               Jul 3-6                    10:00am-3:00pm     4/$104

Upside Teen Centre at Saanich Commonwealth Place

Teens in Action 1, 13-14yrs

Take the first steps towards becoming a summer camp leader! Learn from experienced camp leaders the basics of leading games, songs and camp activities in a fun and supportive environment.

10193           M-F              July 16-20               10:00am-3:00pm     5/$130

10185           T-F               Aug 7-10                 10:00am-3:00pm     4/$104

Upside Teen Centre at Saanich Commonwealth Place

Teens in Action 2, 15-16yrs

You want to be a camp leader? This program will provide you the foundation to lead groups and have fun doing it! 2 weeks of instruction and 1 week of work experience in a camp setting. Contact: Alana.Goddard@saanich.ca or 250-475-7624.

10188           M-F              July 23-Aug 3          9:30am-3:30pm       10/$250

Upside Teen Centre at Saanich Commonwealth Place

To register contact any Saanich Recreation Centre! (Saanich Commonwealth Place: 250-475-7600)

For more information contact Alana Goddard or 250-475-7624