Financial Assistance

Saanich helps low income residents access recreation services and programs at our recreation centres.

Leisure Involvement for Everyone (LIFE)

  • Discount coupons
  • Drop-in admissions
  • Discounted annual memberships

You are eligible if

  • You're a Saanich resident
  • You live on a low income or receive B.C. Benefits — Income Assistance, B.C. Benefits Disability or Youth Works.
  • Your combined household income is within or below the Statistics Canada low-income threshold for the previous year. See Line 150 on your Notice of Assessment for your individual income.

If you are applying for the LIFE 2017, the following Low-income threshold numbers will be used (Per # of People in Household)

  • 1 = $21,780
  • 2 = $27,112
  • 3 = $33,331
  • 4 = $40,467
  • 5 = $45,898
  • 6 = $51,766
  • 7 = $57,633

Where to Apply

Go to any of our four recreation centres:

What to Bring

  1. Proof of current Saanich residency (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.).
  2. Notices of Assessment* for each applying adult (18 years and older).
  3. Every family member who needs an access card – we’ll be taking their photographs.

*If you don’t have your Notice of Assessment, contact Mena Westhaver at 250-475-5407

You’ll Receive

Option A

  • An access card with 52 drop-in admissions at any Greater Victoria recreation facility
  • Each LIFE member will also receive a variety of discount coupons for Saanich recreation programs.

Option B

  • 50% discount on Annual Membership Access Pass (plus tax) at any Saanich recreation centre.


  • Full-time post-secondary students are NOT eligible for the LIFE program. Spouses and dependents of students (that are not students themselves) are still eligible
  • You can’t transfer coupons, access cards and membership passes.

Free Programs

Explore the variety of low-to-no-cost recreation activities available to you and your family.

More Funding Support

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program

If you find it difficult to send your children aged 4 – 18 to sport, dance and other organized physical activities, Jumpstart can help.

  1. Fill out the Jumpstart form here. [PDF - 59 KB]
  2. Then return the completed form to our Recreation Programmer, Mena Westhaver.


The Saanich Legacy Foundation and Saanich offer program funding so kids can be healthy, engage socially and PLAY!  KidsFUNd supports children 3-18 years of age in all areas of recreation from sports to the arts.  The funding application is below.  If you want to support this program and provide a child the opportunity to be engaged in recreation, please contact me directly.  Thank you!

  1. Fill out the kidsFUNd form  [PDF - 111 KB]
  2. Then return the completed form to our Recreation Programmer, Mena Westhaver.

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