Legislative Services Department

The Legislative Services Department includes the following:

Legislative Services Organization Chart

Lands Division

  • Provides real estate and appraisal services to Council and departments.
  • Buys and sells property on Saanich’s behalf.
  • Manages all leased or rented properties.
  • Negotiates the acquisition of rights-of-way.

Legal Division

  • Gives legal advice to Council and other departments.
  • Prepares bylaws, contracts and real estate documentation for Saanich.
  • Manages all types of litigation including damage claims, bylaw prosecutions and labour arbitrations. 

Legislative Division

Risk Management Division

  • Protects Saanich’s assets, employees, volunteers and citizens from loss, damage or injury.
  • Promotes policies and procedures designed to prevent incidents from occurring and reduce the effects of incidents.

Strategic Planning Division

  • Manages the strategic planning and progress reporting processes.
  • Undertakes other initiatives like the citizen and business surveys which guide decision-making.