Linwood Avenue Sidewalk

Linwood Avenue Sidewalk

This project will improve pedestrian accessibility towards Cloverdale Traditional School and the Four Corners Village area.  The works have also been identified as a high priority upgrade in the Quadra Local Area Plan.

Project features include:

  • Construction of a concrete sidewalk on the north side of Linwood Avenue.  The sidewalk width will be 2.15 m wide if located directly beside the road, or 1.80 m wide if separated from the road.

The new sidewalk will connect to the existing concrete sidewalk in front of Cloverdale Traditional School.  This existing sidewalk is currently in good condition, already in a desired location and will maintain the existing school pick up/drop off parking in front of the school.  In addition to the sidewalk upgrade, a small section of the sanitary sewer will be replaced, from #3200 to #3251 Linwood Avenue.  The sanitary sewer main and services (up to property line) will be expected to be "replaced-in-place."

The design will vary based on topography and space available.  The project is scheduled to be constructed in Summer/Fall 2016.  Please refer to the Concept Drawing [PDF - 1.2 MB] for details.

Project Manager: Ivan Leung