Strategic Planning Process

Phase 1

The strategic planning process begins when we create a Vision statement. This expresses the dreams and hopes of Saanich citizens for our future.

Phase 2

We then craft the Official Community Plan (OCP) [PDF - 4.7 MB]. This umbrella document provides Saanich with our overall values, vision, direction and focus.

Phase 3

Next comes the Strategic Plan [PDF - 2.8 MB]. This document outlines the initiatives that we will focus our energy and resources on. The  plan maps out the actions we'll undertake to achieve the Vision. Each initiative aligns with one of the three OCP Community Theme areas:

  • Environmental Integrity.
  • Social Well-Being.
  • Economic Vibrancy.

Phase 4

Council Approves the budget. This funds not only the Strategic Plan activities, but also our ongoing operations.

Phase 5

This is here we provide the information and show accountability to Saanich residents. We share strategic, financial and operational progress reports to citizens through the Annual Progress Report. [PDF - 5.7 MB]