Strategic Plan

 We have firmly grounded the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan [PDF - 2.5 MB [PDF - 2.8 MB]] in the spirit of our Vision, Mission and Values

 The strategic planning process has gradually evolved since 2004; Council has added many progressive elements to improve:

  • Corporate direction
  • Accountability
  • Community engagement 

 The first evolution aligned departmental plans with corporate direction.  It also integrated the Financial Plan.

The second evolution integrated the Official Community Plan (OCP) [PDF - 4.7 MB] and the Strategic Plan [PDF - 2.8 MB]It also called for a way to measure long-range progress.  In 2012, we added 21 OCP indicators with targets.  This helps citizens see how we progress toward the Vision.

Since 2003, Saanich has used Key Performance Indicatiors [PDF - 749 KB] to monitor and measure strategic performance toward achieving the Saanich Vision.

The Strategic Plans also integrates priorities and initiatives from other strategic documents such as:

 It also incorporates extensive feedback from citizens.

The 2015-2018 Strategic Plan [PDF - 2.8 MB] continues that work.  We have highlighted several key areas of focus and directly linked them with the OCP.  Through this initiative, Council continues to raise the bar for progress reporting.  It makes Saanich governance more accountable and transparent.  We summarize Plan highlights in the Strategic Plan Brochure [PDF - 636 KB [PDF - 2.6 MB].