Access Property Information

Search by address for any property in Saanich. View the property on a map and get detailed information related to the property such as tax levies and assessments. You can view, save or print the report.

Property Information Report Instructions

How to Access the Property Information Report

  1. Click the Launch link listed below in step 3. You can choose either full or light map viewer.

  2. Enter the address in the left panel and click "Search". The map will zoom to the address and generate the report.

  3. Click the "View report" button. 

Launch Full Feature Map Viewer for desktop (Silverlight) 

Launch Light Map Viewer for smartphone, tablet or desktop. No plug-in needed. (HTML5) 


Claim your Home Owner Grant

Remember to apply for your Home Owner Grant each year if eligible. We must receive all Home Owner Grant applications on or before the tax due date to avoid penalty.  Read more about claiming your Home Owner Grant.

Claim the grant online.