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What happens next?

Our team will compile the feedback from the survey and individual conversations and will then make updates and revisions to the draft plan.

We’ll develop and prioritize short-, and long-term plans and add the final touches based on your feedback.

Early in 2018 we will post the proposed final plan online for feedback and will bring it to Council for their consideration shortly afterward. Check back often and follow #movingsaanichfwd on social media for updates.

What have we done so far? 

In 2016 Saanich staff heard from over 2,000 residents through various means of enagement including an online survey, engagement labs, pop-up booths, Saanich Talks speaker series, Walk Bike rallies, public advisory committee meetings and community roadshows. 

Based on this feedback we created a Vision, Goals, and Targets summary that have guided the creation of the draft Active Transportation Plan. These can be viewed in our Future Directions Report [PDF - 16.4 MB].

The complete results of our consultation please see the following documents: Discussion Paper #1: Baseline Conditions Report and Engagement Summary #1 and Engagement Summary #2 [PDF - 11.7 MB].

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